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Mojo Water

Giving Earth Her Mojo Back

About Us

Eco friendly, Innovative, Recyclable and Renewable! Here at Mojo Water we are all about giving earth her mojo back, one boxed water at a time. Our box is 73% renewable and the cap is 93% plant based and biodegradable. A plastic bottle will take hundreds of years to decompose, and for this reason people across the world are taking action against plastic.

Why Mojo Water?

Eco Friendly

Our product is safe for you and the environment.

Proudly South African

We love you for loving local, manufactured in SA.


Our new eco-friendly packaging is fully recyclable, renewable and paper based.


Nothing more satisfying than a Mojo Water after every workout.
Jacques Potgieter
With a busy schedule nothing keeps me going throughout the day like a Mojo Water
Angelique Gerber
Being on the road there is nothing more refreshing than a Mojo Water.
Francois Van Coke

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Water In Action

Mojo Water

Giving Earth Her Mojo Back

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